Metric heavy duty hydraulic fittings for secure connections

In hydraulic systems, a reliable and tight connection of lines is crucial to build the necessary pressure. The choice of the right hydraulic fittings plays an important role in this regard, especially at higher operating pressures.

An important feature of metric heavy hydraulic fittings is that, like their metric light counterparts, they also have a 24° cone. This cone is necessary to establish a secure and tight connection between the hydraulic components. The precise shape of the cone ensures that the fitting perfectly conforms to the counterpart, enabling optimal pressure buildup.

Metric heavy cone

Adjustable angle and L fittings allow for a flexible and secure connection, even in challenging connection conditions. T fittings provide a convenient way to create a third connection on a pipe, while bulkhead fittings have a slightly longer thread designed for fixation to a bracket or holder.

Shown metric heavy hydraulic screw connection with inner cone

Our metric heavy hydraulic fittings are made from high-quality materials and can withstand pressures of up to 630 bar. We offer fair prices and a wide selection of fittings for every application area. Feel free to contact us for further information or assistance in selecting the right hydraulic fittings for your system.

Metric heavy representation of internal thread with external cone
Metric heavy thread table

Our range of metric heavy hydraulic fittings encompasses a variety of solutions for all application areas. From weld-on, screw-on, screw-in, and bulkhead fittings to thread reducers, bulkhead fittings, and connectors, we offer you a wide selection of suitable fittings.

metric heavy fitting

Our adjustable angle and T screw-in fittings provide a flexible option for adjusting connection angles, while the adjustable angle and T swivel fittings offer an additional swivel range. We also include plug fittings in our range to ensure quick and secure sealing of connections.

Metric heavy representation of internal thread with external cone

In summary, metric heavy hydraulic fittings provide a safe and reliable solution for applications with high operating pressure. With their 24° cone and various designs, they offer a flexible way to securely connect hydraulic lines. Especially in challenging connection conditions, adjustable angle and L fittings allow for a flexible yet secure connection.

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