Hydraulic measuring tools

Flexible tools for precise pressure testing in hydraulics 

Glycerine pressure gauges are a popular choice for measuring pressure in hydraulics. These pressure gauges have high accuracy and reliability in pressure measurement and can be used in many different applications. To make work and transport easier, we offer various sets that can be delivered with or without a case.

In order to be able to meet a variety of requirements, we have various glycerine manometer kits available. Some sets come with Hydraulic test point fittings or with Measuring hoses and adapters, while other sets are available without these components. Also, not all sets come with a case. (See pictures and item description). 

The glycerine pressure gauge sets with hydraulic test point fittings or measuring hoses and adapters are suitable for applications with easy access to the measuring point. The pressure gauge can be easily connected to the fittings to measure the pressure. These kits usually contain different types of fittings and adapters that are compatible with most hydraulic systems. 

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